Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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My newest obsession

If you haven't had the chance to see an explore in action, do so ASAP! I got my machine on the Michaels $159.00 sale. Brought it home, put it in my craft room. I already own a mini, imagine, expression and expression 2 ( I said NEWEST obsession LOL) so I figured I'd add it to the group. Well, I finally had a day to play with it in earnest and it is amazing. It cuts, SCAL, SVG, bitmap, JPEG, whatever ya got it cuts. I found some ideas on Pinterest, downloaded them and darned if it didn't cut them!
It's summer here in Western NY and I should be floating in a nice, warm pool, slathered in Hawaiian Tropic. But I'm posting on my blog.....If you knew how important my tan was to me, you'd know that is a HUGE deal LOL
Seriously though, check out what the newest Cricut can do, it is truly amazing.